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Apocalips [CD]

Tarneaeg: 10-30 tööpäeva

17,95 €

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Plaat 1
1. Intro
2. Mercury rising (Seduced By The Kisses Of Cinnabar Sweet)
3. Lost Forever, In The Blitzkrieg Of Roses
4. Do Murder & Lust Make Me A Man
5. Hear The Sound Of A Black Flame Rising
6. Sons & Daughters of Lilith and Cain
7. Hell is my refuge (A Golden Dawn For Judas Kiss)
8. I Think About Germany And The End Of The World
9. Let the words of my murder be the last words you hear
10. When We Murdered The World On The Fourteenth Of May
11. (Apocalips Kisses) In The Eyes Of The Scarlet Ones
12. Can You See The Forest For The Trees
13. She's in love with a whip (My Venus In Furs)
14. Who stole the sun from its place in my heart?
15. Love always dies, but hate is forever
16. Still thinking about Italy

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