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Best And More [2CD]

Tarneaeg: 10-20 tööpäeva

19,95 €

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"Best and More":

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Plaat 1
1. Burning Heart (Talking ain't enough)
2. Save Me (GO!)
3. All on your own (GO!)
4. Longing for love ( Fair Warning)
5. When Love fails (Fair Warning)
6. When Love fails (Fair Warning)
7. Out on the Run (Talking ain't enough)
8. Don't give up (Rainmaker)
9. Long Gone (Fair Warning)
10. Generation Jedi (Brother's Keeper)
11. Don't keep me waiting (Brother's Keeper)
12. Still I believe (Talking ain'tenough)
13. Heart on the Run (Four)
14. Here comes the Heartache (Aura)
15. I'll be there (GO!)
16. I fight (Four)
17. The Way you want it (GO!)

Plaat 2
1. Rock*n*Roll ( Previously Unreleased)
2. A little more love (Live in Japan)
3. Come on (Go)
4. The Heart of Summer (Rainmaker)
5. Angel of dawn (Live at home)
6. The Call of the heart (Live inJapan)
7. Rain Song (Live at Home)
8. Like a Rock (Live and More)
9. Out of the night ( Live and More)
10. Meant to be (Live and More)
11. Don't count on me (Aura)
12. Just another perfect Day (Aura)
13. Light in the dark (Single Track)
14. Man on the Moon (Live and More)
15. Children's Eyes (Single Track)

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