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Bossa n' Stones 1&2 [2CD]

Tarneaeg: 10-30 tööpäeva

19,79 €

Püsikliendile 18,80 €


vt. ka teisi Bossa and Jazz -sarja plaate!

Lugude nimekiri

Plaat 1
1. Fool to Cry (Scubba feat. Moana)
2. Let's Spend the Night Together (Amazonics)
3. Out of Time (Urban Love & Astrud C.)
4. Sympathy for the Devil [Pleased Remix] (Freedom Dub)
5. Under My Thumb (Anakelly)
6. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Michelle Simonal)
7. Harlem Shuffle [Favela Remix] (Marvin Meets Banda Do Sul)
8. Ruby Tuesday [The Dubby Mix] (Dual Sessions)
9. Angie (Sao Vicente Feat. Uschi)
10. Miss You [Back 2 Remixes] (Groove Da Praia)
11. Start Me Up / Brown Sugar [Remix] (Corcovado Frequency)
12. Wild Horses (Karen Souza)

Plaat 2
1. As Tears Go By (Luxury Strings Mix] (Sao Vicente feat. Ituana)
2. Jumpin' Jack Flash (Amazonics)
3. Beast of Burden (Urban Love & Aneka)
4. Emotional Rescue [2 Many Beats Remix] (Freedom Dub)
5. Tumbling Dice (Scubba feat. Dew)
6. Mixed Emotions (Michelle Simonal)
7. Honky Tonk Women [Three Knocks Mix] (Groove Da Praia)
8. Paint it Black (Sixth Finger)
9. She's So Cold [Ipanema At 7" Mix] (Glambeats Corp.)
10. It's Only Rock n' Roll (But I like It) (Banda Do Sul Meets Natascha)
11. I'm Free [Wizard Edit] (Corcovado Frequency feat. Uschi)
12. You Can't Always Get What You Want (Ituana)

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