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Chris Cornell [Box Set] [4CD]

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61st Grammy Awards | Grammy 2019: auhind kategoorias Best Rock Performance (When Bad Does Good)

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Plaat 1
 1. Hunted Down (Soundgarden)
 2. Kingdom of Come (Soundgarden)
 3. Flower (Soundgarden)
 4. All Your Lies (Soundgarden)
 5. Loud Love (Soundgarden)
 6. Hands All Over (Soundgarden)
 7. Say Hello 2 Heaven (Totd)
 8. Hunger Strike (Totd)
 9. Outshined (Soundgarden)
10. Rusty Cage (Soundgarden)
11. Seasons
12. Hey Baby (Land of the New Rising Sun) (M.A.C.C.)
13. Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)
14. Spoonman (Soundgarden)
15. Dusty (Soundgarden)
16. Burden In My Hand (Soundgarden]

Plaat 2
 1. Sunshower
 2. Sweet Euphoria
 3. Can't Change Me
 4. Like a Stone (Audioslave)
 5. Cochise (Audioslave)
 6. Be Yourself (Audioslave)
 7. Doesn't Remind Me (Audioslave)
 8. Revelations (Audioslave)
 9. Shape of Things To Come (Audioslave)
10. You Know My Name
11. Billie Jean
12. Long Gone (Rock Version)
13. Scream
14. Part of Me (Steve Aoki Remix)
15. Ave Maria (With Eleven)

Plaat 3
 1. Promise (Slash Featuring Chris Cornell)
 2. Whole Lotta Love (Santana Featuring Chris Cornell)
 3. Call Me a Dog (Live Acoustic)
 4. Imagine (Live Acoustic)
 5. I Am the Highway (Live Acoustic)
 6. The Keeper
 7. Been Away Too Long (Soundgarden)
 8. Live To Rise (Soundgarden)
 9. Lies (Gabin With Chris Cornell & Ace)
10. Misery Chain (With Joy Williams)
11. Storm (Soundgarden)
12. Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart
13. Only These Words
14. Our Time In the Universe
15. 'Til the Sun Comes Back Around
16. Stay With Me Baby
17. The Promise
18. When Bad Goes Good

Plaat 4
 1. Into the Void (Sealth) (Live At the Paramount) (Soundgarden)
 2. Mind Riot (Live At the Paramount) (Soundgarden)
 3. Nothing To Say (Live In Seattle) (Soundgarden)
 4. Jesus Christ Pose (Live In Oakland) (Soundgarden)
 5. Show Me How To Live (Live In Cuba) (Audioslave)
 6. Wide Awake (Live In Sweden)
 7. All Night Thing (Live In Sweden)
 8. Nothing Compares 2 You (Live At Sirius Xm)
 9. One (Live At Beacon Theatre)
10. Reach Down (Live At the Paramount) (Totd)
11. Stargazer (Live At the Paramount) (Totd)
12. Wild World (Live At Pantages Theatre) (Yusuf / Cat Stevens W
13. A Day In the Life (Live At the Royal Albert Hall)
14. Redemption Song (Live At Beacon Theatre) With Toni Cornell)
15. Thank You (Live In Sweden)

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