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Eleven Classic Albums [Digipak] [4CD]

Tarneaeg: 5-20 tööpäeva

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Sisaldab albumeid: You’re My Thrill, Tea For Two, Lullaby Of Broadway, Young Man With The Horn, Day By Day, On Moonlight Bay, I’ll See You In My Dreams, By The Light Of The Silvery Moon, Calamity Jane, Young At Heart, Love Me Or Leave Me

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Plaat 1
1. You're my thrill
2. Bewitched, bothered and bewildered
3. I'm confessin'
4. Sometimes I'm happy
5. You go to my head
6. I didn't know what time it was
7. When your lover has gone
8. That old feeling
9. Crazy rhythm
10. Here in my arms
11. I know that you know
12. I want to be happy
13. Do do do
14. I only have eyes for you
15. Oh me, oh my, oh yo
16. Tea for two
17. Lullaby of broadw
18. Fine and dandy
19. In a shanty in old shanty town
20. Somebody loves me
21. Just one of those things
22. You're getting to be a habit with me
23. I love the way you say goodnight
24. Please don't talk about me when i'm gone

Plaat 2
1. I may be wrong
2. The man I love
3. The very thought of you
4. Pretty baby
5. Melancholy rhapsody
6. Would I love you
7. Too marvelous for words
8. Get happy
9. I only have eyes for you
10. Limehouse blues
11. With a song in my heart
12. Lullaby of broadway
13. The song is you
14. Hello, my lover, goodbye
15. But not for me
16. I remember you
17. I hadn't anyone till you
18. But beautiful
19. Autumn leaves
20. Don't take your love from me
21. There will never be another you
22. Gone with the wind
23. The gypsy in my soul
24. Day by day

Plaat 3
1. Moonlight bay
2. Till we meet again
3. Love ya
4. Christmas story
5. I'm forever blowing bubbles
6. Cuddle up closer
7. Every little movement
8. Tell me
9. Ain't we got fun
10. The one I love
11. I wish I had a girl
12. It had to be you
13. Nobody's sweetheart
14. My buddy
15. Makin' whoopee
16. I'll see you in my dreams
17. By the light of the silvery moon
18. Your eyes have told me so
19. Just one girl
20. Ain't we got fun
21. If you were the only girl
22. Be my little baby bumble bee
23. I'll forget you
24. King chanticleer

Plaat 4
1. The deadwood stage
2. I can do without you
3. The black hills of dakota
4. Just blew in from windy city
5. A women's touch
6. Higher than a hawk
7. Tis Harry I'm plan to marry
8. Secret love
9. Till my love comes to me
10. Ready, willing & able
11. Hold me in your arms
12. Just one of those things
13. There's a rising moon
14. You my love
15. Overture
16. It all depends on you
17. You made me love yo
18. Stay on the right side, sister
19. Everybody loves my baby
20. Mean to me
21. Sam, the old accordian man
22. Shaking the blues away
23. What can I say after I say I'm sorry
24. I'll never stop loving you
25. Never look back
26. At sundown
27. Love me or leave me
28. Finale

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