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Estonian Evergreens: Revival [CD]

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Here are songs that every Estonian knows and loves. These are in our DNA, in our heart and soul. But no one has ever heard these songs that way before! First we called brilliant Lutz Krajenski Studio Big Band with a top-of-the-list players from all over Germany to work these songs with their magic. And they did. Then we asked some world famous songwriters to write completely new lyrics to these songs. They did also. And the result - the beloved Estonian songs performed by our best singers in a brand-new way - blows our minds. This is a world premiere. Enjoy!

vt ka kogumikku "Muinaslugu sinilinnust", Mikk Targo

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Plaat 1
1. "Beautiful, Beautiful" / Sofia Rubina
2. "Each Day's A Gift" / Karl-Erik Taukar
3. "In The Blink Of An Eye" / Kaire Vilgats
4. "Anymore" / Ott Lepland
5. "Inside Each Heartbeat" / Maarja
6. "First Love Last" / Koit Toome
7. "The World To Me" / Laura
8. "Old Love Songs" / Koit Toome
9. "L.O.V.E." / Kaire Vilgats & Uku Suviste
10. "Saaremaa" / Elina Hokkanen
11. "Something Right" / Uku Suviste
12. "When You Fall In Love" / Liisi Koikson
13. "Anyone Other Than You" / Uku Suviste
14. "The Dance Must Go On" / Susanna Aleksandra
15. "Dance" / Koit Toome
16. "Before I'm Gonna Let You Go" / Maarja
17. "The One" / Koit Toome
18. "I Wonder" / Ott Lepland

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