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Legend: The Best of [Deluxe Edition] [2CD]

Tarneaeg: 10-20 tööpäeva

23,99 €

Püsikliendile 22,79 €

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Plaat 1
 1. Is this love
 2. No woman no cry
 3. Could you be loved
 4. Three little birds
 5. Buffalo soldier
 6. Get up stand up
 7. Stir it up
 8. Easy skanking
 9. One love / People get ready
10. I shot the sheriff
11. Waiting in vain
12. Redemption song
13. Satisfy my soul
14. Exodus
15. Jamming
16. Punky reggae party

Plaat 2
 1. Bonus disc: The Legend Remixes: One love / People get ready [Extended version by Julian Mendelsohn]
 2. Waiting in vain (by Julian Mendelsohn)
 3. Jamming (by Paul Groucho Smykle)
 4. Three little birds / Three little birds [Dub version by Julian Mendelsohn]
 5. Could you be loved (by Errol Brown & Alex Sadkin)
 6. No women no cry (by Eric E. T. Thorngren)
 7. Coming in from the cold (by Eric E. T. Thorngren)
 8. Buffalo soldier (by Eric E. T. Thorngren)
 9. Jamming (by Eric E. T. Thorngren)
10. Waiting in vain (by Eric E. T. Thorngren)
11. Exodus (by Eric E. T. Thorngren)
12. Lively up yourself (by Eric E. T. Thorngren)
13. One love / People get ready [Dub version by Godwin Logie]

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