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Live - Greatest Hits From Around the World [2LP]

  • 2016, ADA
  • Formaat: Vinüül


Uus tiraaž 12/2022!
Tarneaeg: 10-20 tööpäeva

35,99 €

Püsikliendile 34,19 €

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Plaat 1
1. Got Me Under Pressure (Live from New York)
2. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers (Live from Las Vegas)
3. Cheap Sunglasses (Live from Paris)
4. Waitin For The Bus (Live from Nashville)
5. Jesus Just Left Chicago (Live from Nashville)
6. Legs (Live from Sao Paolo)
7. Sharp Dressed Man (Live from Los Angeles)
8. Rough Boy (feat. Jeff Beck) [Live from London]
9. Pincushion (Live from Berlin)
10. La Grange (Live from Dallas)
11. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide (Live from Vancouver)
12. Tube Snake Boogie (Live from Rome)
13. Gimme All Your Lovin (Live from Houston)
14. Tush (Live from Chicago)
15. Sixteen Tons (feat. Jeff Beck) (Live from London)

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