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*Esitavad: Latvian Radio Choir, Kaspars Putnins



Plaat 1
1. Darzins: Long Ago
2. Darzins: Moonbeams
3. Darzins: The Broken Pines
4. Melngailis: Nature and the Soul
5. Melngailis: Latvian Requiem - Move Gently and Quietly
6. Melngailis: Latvian Requiem - Gently, Slowly
7. Melngailis: Latvian Requiem - The Sun is Setting
8. Melngailis: Latvian Requiem - Doomsday
9. Zalitis: The Goblet on the Isle of the Dead
10. Graubins: Night Has Entered the Forest
11. Vitols: The Day is Ending
12. Vitols: The Moon Lied
13. Vitols: The Enchanted Forest
14. Vitols: The Dwarves and the Old Man of the Forest
15. Vitols: The King and the Mushroom
16. Vitols: David Before Saul
17. Vitols: The Sun’s Revelry

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