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Pieces of A Dream: Greatest Hits [Limited Edition] [2CD]

  • 2005, Epic
  • Formaat: CD
Tarneaeg: 5-20 tööpäeva

29,99 €

Püsikliendile 28,49 €


*Deluxe package with bonus remix disc

Lugude nimekiri

Plaat 1
1. I'm outta love
2. Not that kind
3. Cowboys and kisses
4. Made for lovin' you
5. Paid my dues
6. One day in your life
7. Why'd you lie to me
8. You'll never be alone
9. Left outside alone
10. Sick and tired
11. Welcome to my truth
12. Heavy on my heart
13. Everything burns
14. I belong to you (Il ritmo della passione) (feat. Eros Ramazzotti)
15. Pieces of a dream
16. In your eyes
17. Club Megamix

Plaat 2
1. I'm outta love [Hex Hector radio edit]
2. Left outside alone [MASH radio mix]
3. Paid my dues [The S-Man's darkstar mix]
4. Sick and tired [Jason Nevins funkrock remix edit]
5. Why'd you lie to me [Nu Soul DnB mix]
6. Love is a crime [Thunderpuss club mix]
7. Not that kind [Kerri Chandler mix - radio edit]
8. One day in your life [Hex Hector / Mac Quayle club mix]
9. Left outside alone [Jason Nevins global club edit]
10. Not that kind [Ric Wake club final]
11. Love is a crime [Cotto's doin' the crime mix]
12. Boom [Thunderpuss tribe-a-pella mix]
13. One day in your life [Almighty mix]
14. Sick and tired [Jason Nevins electrochill remix edit]

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