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Plaat 1
1. Like Blood from the Beloved (Part 1) [Interpreted By Steven R. Sellick]
2. Burning Heretic (Cycles of Absolute Truths Mix By Ancient Methods)
3. Backdraft (Deviced By the Invincible Spirit)
4. Stitch (Restitched By Cronos Titan)
5. ARP (No Sleep Mix By Beranek)
6. The Sentinel (Southern Discomfort Mix By Blackhouse)
7. Walk With Me (FRXTA Skyline Mix By Mortiis)
8. Backdraft (Kill the Light Mix By Codex Empire)
9. Spiritual Reality (Gold Golem Version By Portion Control)
10. Stitch (Amplified Version By Clock DVA)
11. Bitch (Weil Mix By Substaat)
12. Borrowed Time (Sublime Mix By Atropine)
13. The Sentinel (Doom Electronics Version By Prurient & Maniac)
14. Stitch (Patched & Processed By O/E)
15. Ashes to Ashes (Diabolic Mix By Bal Paré)
16. Skyscraping (Cricket Mix By Monster Apparat)
17. All Tomorrow's Parties (Evolve Or Die Mix By Naked Lunch)
18. Like Blood from the Beloved (Part 2) [Reworked By Erik Wøllo)

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