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The Essential Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber [2CD]

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Plaat 1
1. Any Dream Will Do [from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat]
2. Close Every Door [from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat]
3. Heaven on Their Minds [from Jesus Christ Superstar]
4. Everything's Alright [from Jesus Christ Superstar]
5. Gethesmane [from Jesus Christ Superstar]
6. I Don't Know How to Love Him [from Jesus Christ Superstar]
7. Jesus Christ Superstar [from Jesus Christ Superstar]
8. Could We Start Again Please? [from Jesus Christ Superstar]
9. Don't Cry for Me Argentina [from Evita]
10. Another Suitcase in Another Hall [from Evita]
11. Buenos Aires [from Evita]
12. Rainbow High [from Evita]
13. High Flying Adored [from Evita]
14. Memory [from Cats]
15. Jellicle Cats [from Cats]
16. Mister Mistofelees [from Cats]
17. Unexpected Song [from Song and Dance]
18. Last Man in My Life [from Song and Dance]
19. Rolling Stock [from Starlight Express]
20. U-N-C-O-U-P-L-E-D [from Starlight Express]

Plaat 2
1. Only You [from Starlight Express]
2. Starlight Express [from Starlight Express]
3. There's Me [from Starlight Express]
4. Pie Jesu [from Requiem]
5. Angel of Music [from Phantom of the Opera]
6. Masquerade [from Phantom of the Opera]
7. Wishing Somehow You Were Here Again [from Phantom of the Opera]
8. All I Ask of You [from Phantom of the Opera]
9. The Phantom of the Opera [from Phantom of the Opera]
10. The Music of the Night [from Phantom of the Opera]
11. Love Changes Everything [from Aspects of Love]
12. The First Man You Remember [from Aspects of Love]
13. Seeing Is Believing [from Aspects of Love]
14. As if We Never Said Goodbye [from Sunset Boulevard]
15. Sunset Boulevard [from Sunset Boulevard]
16. With One Look [from Sunset Boulevard]
17. Too Much in Love to Care [from Sunset Boulevard]
18. Half a Moment [from By Jeeves]
19. Whistle Down the Wind [from Whistle Down the Wind]
20. Our Kind of Love [from The Beautiful Game]

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