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The Valley of Tears - The Ballads [Coloured Vinyl] [LP]

Tarneaeg: 5-20 tööpäeva

32,99 €

Püsikliendile 31,34 €

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Plaat 1
1. Dream About You (Remastered)
2. Back in Your Arms Again (Newly re-recorded)
3. The Valley of Tears (Remixed, remastered)
4. Broken Wheel (Newly re-recorded)
5. A Face in the Crowd (Remixed, remastered)
6. Your Dreams Won’t Die (Remastered)
7. Lonely Night (Acoustic version, newly re-recorded)
8. The Last Frontier (Remixed, remastered)
9. Putting Things In Place (Remixed, remastered)
10. When The World Comes Down (New live version)

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