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Khruangbin return today with the announcement of A LA SALA (Spanish for "To the Room"), the band's fourth studio album and their first LP in four years, released on Dead Oceans in collaboration with Night Time Stories Ltd.

The first single "A Love International" emphasizes the reflective and celebratory nature of A LA SALA with its wistful vocals and a driving guitar and bass duet. After a decade spent cultivating an elusive yet extraordinary musical path, "A Love International" is both a nostalgic and purposeful step forward for Khruangbin - an outlook for a band that asks subtle questions about the surreal nature of representing art and one's reality.

"A Love International - Official Music Video":

Lugude nimekiri

  • 1. Fifteen Fifty-three
  • 2. May Ninth
  • 3. Ada Jean
  • 4. Farolim De Felgueiras
  • 5. Pon Pón
  • 6. Todavía Viva
  • 7. Juegos Y Nubes
  • 8. Hold Me Up (Thank You)
  • 9. Caja De La Sala
  • 10. Three from Two
  • 11. A Love International
  • 12. Les Petits Gris

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