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Always Centered at Night [CD]


Ilmub 14.06.2024
Tarneaeg: Ettetellimisel
21,99 €

Püsikliendile 20,89 €


On his new album "always centered at night", Moby has once again created a collection of heartbreakingly beautiful, tender and yet defiantly powerful songs, created in collaboration with a selection of uniquely talented and sensitive singers.

Each song is a declaration of love to the unbridled and inspiring music scene of late 70s and early 80s New York that Moby so influenced as a musician. He had one request to the singers involved in the album: "Don't write anything commercial. Let it be idiosyncratic. Let it be personal. It doesn't have to make sense."

Lugude nimekiri

  • 1. On Air (Feat. Serpentwithfeet)
  • 2. Dark Days (Feat. Lady Blackbird)
  • 3. Where Is Your Pride? (Feat. Benjamin Zephaniah)
  • 4. Transit (Feat. Gaidaa)
  • 5. Wild Flame (Feat. Danaé Wellington)
  • 6. Precious Mind (Feat. India Carney)
  • 7. Should Sleep (Feat. J.P. Bimeni)
  • 8. Feelings Come Undone (Feat. Raquel Rodriguez)
  • 9. Medusa (Feat. Aynzli Jones)
  • 10. We're Going Wrong (Feat. Brie O'Banion)
  • 11. Fall Back (Feat. Akemi Fox)
  • 12. Sweet Moon (Feat. Choklate)
  • 13. Ache For (Feat. José James)

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