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Bless It's Pointed Little Head (180g) [LP]

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Bless Its Pointed Little Head is a live album by JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, recorded at the famous Fillmore East and West concert halls. More specifically, this is their first live album and also a document demonstrating the band's evolution into a top live act.

The harder rocking versions of classics like "Somebody To Love" and "Plastic Fantastic Lover" are part of this recording, they prove the band's ability to improvise and offer their own raw/strong alternatives.

Bless Its Pointed Little Head is one of the best live albums of the late '60s , offering more than enough of the punchy and rocking JEFFERSON AIRPLANE tunes. A must have for Jefferson fans and any music lover in general.

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE became known in the second half of the 1960s for performances at the famous rock festivals Monterey (1967), Woodstock (1969) and Altamont (1969). They became world famous after their 1967 album Surrealistic Pillow and were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

Lugude nimekiri

Plaat 1
1. Clergy
2. 3 /5 'S Of A Mile In 10 Seconds
3. Somebody To Love
4. Fat Angel
5. Rock Me Baby
6. The Other Side Of This Life
7. It's No Secret
8. Plastic Fantastic Lover
9. Turn Out The Lights
10. Bear Melt

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