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Blue Electric Light (180g) [Black Vinyl] [2LP]

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Timeless. Explosive. Romantic. Inspiring. How else could you characterize "Blue Electric Light", the 12th studio album by Lenny Kravitz? It is a well-known fact that Kravitz is a master of deep soul rock'n'roll. As a tireless creative force - musician, writer, producer, actor, author, designer - he continues to be a global, dynamic icon in music, art and culture. "Blue Electric Light" is a passionate collection of songs that expands that scope and is the latest contribution from a man whose music - not to mention his unique style - continues to inspire millions around the world. The album showcases Kravitz's talents as a writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, as he wrote and played most of the instruments himself, aided in part by his longtime accompanist, guitarist Craig Ross.

"TK421 - Official Music Video":

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Plaat 1
1. It's Just Another Fine Day (In This Universe of Love)
2. TK421 (Album Version)
3. Honey
4. Paralyzed
5. Human
6. Let It Ride

Plaat 2
1. Stuck in the Middle
2. Bundle of Joy
3. Love Is My Religion
4. Heaven
5. Spirit in My Heart
6. Blue Electric Light

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