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Bob Marley: One Love [4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray]

Tarneaeg: 10-20 tööpäeva

43,99 €

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Kingsley Ben-Adir stars as the eponymous reggae legend in this biographical drama directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green. In 1976, after an attempt is made on his life due to his political activism, Marley is forced to leave Jamaica. While his wife Rita (Lashana Lynch) and their family go to America, Marley and his band travel to London where they record the seminal album 'Exodus'.

However, Marley's desire for peace between Jamaica's warring political parties leads him to return home in 1978 so that he can perform at the One Love Peace Concert in Kingston where he strives to bring an end to the violence afflicting the country. The cast also includes James Norton, Aston Barrett Jr. and Anthony Welsh.

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