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Collected [3CD]

Tarneaeg: 10-20 tööpäeva

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Plaat 1
1. The masquerade is over
2. Let your conscience be your guide
3. Stubborn kinda fellow
4. Hitch hike
5. Pride and joy
6. Can I get a witness
7. When I'm alone I cry
8. You're a wonderful one
9. Try it baby
10. Baby don't you do it
11. How sweet it is (To be loved by you)
12. I'll be doggone
13. Pretty little baby
14. Ain't that peculiar
15. One more heartache
16. Little darlin'
17. Your unchanging love
18. Chained
19. I heart it through the grapevine
20. You
21. Too busy thinking about my baby
22. The end of our road
23. That's the way love is

Plaat 2
1. Abraham, Martin and John
2. What's going on
3. Mercy mercy me
4. Inner city blues
5. Trouble man
6. Let's get it on
7. Come get to this
8. Distant lover
9. I want you
10. Got to give it up
11. When did you stop lovin' me, when did I stop lovin' you
12. Heavy love affair
13. Praise
14. Sexual healing
15. My love is waiting
16. Sanctified lady

Plaat 3
1. Once upon a time (feat. Mary Wells)
2. What's the matter with you baby (feat. Mary Wells)
3. It takes two (feat. Kim Weston)
4. Ain't no mountain high enough (feat. Tami Terrell)
5. Your precious love (feat. Tami Terrell)
6. If i could build my whole world around you (feat. Tami Terrell)
7. Ain't nothing like the real thing (feat. Tami Terrell)
8. You're all i need to get by (feat. Tami Terrell)
9. You ain't livin' till you're lovin' (feat. Tami Terrell)
10. Good lovin' it ain't easy to come by (feat. Tami Terrell)
11. Onion song (feat. Tami Terrell)
12. California soul (feat. Tami Terrell)
13. You're a special part of me (feat. Diana Ross)
14. My mistake (feat. Diana Ross)
15. You are everything (feat. Diana Ross)

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