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Luck And Strange [Blu-ray]


Ilmub 06.09.2024
Tarneaeg: Ettetellimisel
38,99 €

Püsikliendile 37,04 €


David Gilmour spent five months working in Brighton and London on "Luck And Strange", the first new longplayer he has released in nine years. The LP was produced by David and Charlie Andrew, who is known for his collaboration with ALT-J and Marika Hackman. The majority of the lyrics were written by Gilmour's co-writer Polly Samson, with whom he has worked for 30 years.

There are eight new tracks on the album, plus a cover version of Between Two Points (original performers: The Montgolfier Brothers), on which Romany Gilmour plays harp and sings. Gilmour's daughter was responsible for the backing vocals on other songs on the LP.

Lugude nimekiri

  • 1. Black Cat
  • 2. Luck and Strange
  • 3. The Piper's Call
  • 4. A Single Spark
  • 5. Vita Brevis
  • 6. Between Two Points
  • 7. Dark and Velvet Nights
  • 8. Sings
  • 9. Scattered
  • 10. Yes, I Have Ghosts
  • 11. Luck and Strange (Original Barn Jam)

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