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Evening Colours [LP]


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Eesti Muusikaauhinnad 2024 | EMA 2024: nominent kategoorias:
*Aasta Alternatiiv/Indiealbum

ENGLISH: Pia Fraus are back with a new LP entitled Evening Colours. This time, the band consists of Kristel Eplik (vocals), Eve Komp (vocals, synth), Kärt Ojavee (synth), Rein Fuks (guitar, synth,percussion), Reijo Tagapere (bass), Joosep Volk (drums). Estonian indie-legend Pia Fraus is releasing a brand new album after a few years break. The 11-track album is called "Evening Colours" and will be released in Europe, Australia, and several locations in Asia on the same date. Celebrating the 26th year together, their new album will be out on CD on July 28th and on vinyl Sept 28th. In Europe, the album will be released by Seksound; indie fans worldwide will be reached through our great new partner. "We have recently signed a new contract, so In Asia and Australia, "Evening Colours" will be released the legendary Japanese label P-Vine Record," says Rein Fuks. "It's mostly known as a jazz and blues label but these times they are releasing also current indie stuff, like Alvvays, Hazel English and Beach Fossils,which is probably the most important dreampop band right now. The album features several well-known artists; the strings on "Evening Colours", for example, have been arranged by by Sean O'Hagan, who is known as a member of The High Llamas, Stereolab, and Microdisney. "I am glad he took the trouble of doing our stuff," smiles Fuks. The album is designed by Scottish artist Annabel Wright, whose record sleeves and illustrations Fuks, being a big The Pastels' fan, has been admiring already from the end of 1990s.

Lugude nimekiri

Plaat 1
1. French Exit
2. Fog on the Hills
3. Evening Colours
4. Sunny Afternoon
5. Who's the Envelope-Man?
6. Regret Everything
7. Confidential Information
8. Another Artichoke
9. Cloud Winterland
10. We Melt
11. Lost in Nights

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