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I Love You So F***Ing Much [LP]


Ilmub 19.07.2024
Tarneaeg: Ettetellimisel
36,99 €

Püsikliendile 35,14 €


The phenomenon that is "Heat Waves" is one of the most played songs of all time and now Glass Animals are ready to present their new project to the world. The new album "I Love You So F***ing Much" shows how much love shapes the individual and is not just limited to romantic relationships.

Lugude nimekiri

  • 1. Show Pony
  • 2. Whatthehellishappening?
  • 3. Creatures in Heaven
  • 4. Wonderful Nothing
  • 5. A Tear in Space (Airlock)
  • 6. I Can't Make You Fall in Love Again
  • 7. How I Learned to Love the Bomb
  • 8. White Roses
  • 9. On the Run
  • 10. Lost in the Ocean

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