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Early Daze [CD]

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The earliest recordings of Neil Young with Crazy Horse are surrounded by a very special aura. The material is so historic - 55 years! -the most loyal fans, whose shelves are filled with just about every release by the musician and his formative band, can hardly contain their excitement when new releases from this period are announced. Now the time has come again: "Early Daze" is being released and the excitement among fans is already palpable.

"Early Daze" is a collection of 10 songs, each one a unique original that became an instant classic and remains so to this day. The recordings on this album have never been heard before and sound as new as when they were made. The "Early Daze" are back.

Lugude nimekiri

  • 1. Dance Dance Dance
  • 2. Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown
  • 3. Winterlong (Unreleased Version)
  • 4. Everybody's Alone
  • 5. Wonderin' (Unreleased Version)
  • 6. Cinnamon Girl (Original 7" Mono Mix - Includes Guitar Outro Not On LP Version)
  • 7. Look at All the Things (Unreleased Version)
  • 8. Helpless (Unreleased Version)
  • 9. Birds (Unreleased Stereo Mix)
  • 10. Down By the River (Unreleased Version With Alternate Vocals)

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