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Remixes and Rarities [Deluxe Edition] [2CD]

Tarneaeg: 10-20 tööpäeva

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Püsikliendile 25,64 €

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Plaat 1
1. Holding out for a Hero (Specia Extended Remix)
2. First Love
3. Where Were You (Radio Mix)
4. It's a Jungle out There (Special Jim Steinman Remi
5. Breakout (Long Version)
6. Loving You's a Dirty Job (But Somebody's Gotta Do
7. Sem Limites Pra Sonhar (Reaching for the Infinite
8. Butterblue (True Blue Mix)
9. I Do It for You
10. Rebel Without a Clue (Excerpt from ...)
11. Band of Gold (Long Version)
12. Say Goodbye (Classical Version)
13. From the Bottom of My Lonely Heart (Long Version)
14. Sola a La Orilla Del Mar (Sitting on the Edge of T
15. Hide Your Heart (A-side Edit)
16. God Gave Love to You (Radio Version)
17. Sayonara Tokyo

Plaat 2
1. The Desert is in Your Heart
2. Total Eclipse of the Heart (Extended Version)
3. Matter of the Heart
4. Take Me Back (Edit)
5. Against the Wind (Extended Version)
6. If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man) (Extended Ve
7. (The World is Full Of) Married men (Extended Versi
8. Band of Gold (Dub Version)
9. Loving You's a Dirty Job (But Somebody's Gotta Do
10. Race to the Fire (Race Mix)
11. Save Up All Your Tears (London Mix)
12. Stay (Long Version)
13. No Way to Treat a Lady
14. Notes from America (A-side Edit)
15. Fools Lullaby (Sweet Lullaby Mix)
16. Holding out for a Hero (Instrumental)

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