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Visions [Limited Edition] [Orange Swirl Vinyl] [LP]

Tarneaeg: 10-20 tööpäeva

42,99 €

Püsikliendile 40,84 €


On March 8, 2023, nine-time GRAMMY award-winning singer, songwriter and pianist Norah Jones will release her ninth solo studio album "Visions", a collaboration with producer and multi-instrumentalist Leon Michels, who accompanies the singing and keyboard, piano, guitar and bass playing artist on drums as well as bass, guitar and saxophone (also featuring Brian Blade/drums, Dave Guy/trumpet and Jesse Murphy/bass on some songs).

"Visions" shows Norah Jones at her best, smooth, rocking, grooving - 12 songs about how free she feels, accepting what life brings and just wanting to dance and be happy. It's the yang to the yin of "Pick Me Up Off The Floor", Jones' last studio album of original songs, which was released at the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown in 2020 and anticipated many of the darker emotions of the time.

"Running - Official Video":

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