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Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I Am Not [LP]

Tarneaeg: 5-20 tööpäeva

29,95 €

Püsikliendile 28,45 €


*Brit Awards 2006: auhind kategoorias Best British Breakthrough Act

*Brit Awards 2007: auhind kategooriates:
*Best British Group
*Best MasterCard British Album

Soodushind kuni 28.02.2007! (Soodustus kehtib interneti teel ostes!)

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Plaat 1
1. The View From the Afternoon
2. I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor
3. Fake Tales of San Francisco
4. Dancing Shoes
5. You Probably Couldn't See For the Lights But You W
6. Still Take You Home
7. Riot Van
8. Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured
9. Mardy Bum
10. Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong But...
11. When the Sun Goes Down
12. From the Ritz To the Rubble
13. A Certain Romance

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