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Wild God [LP]


Ilmub 30.08.2024
Tarneaeg: Ettetellimisel
36,99 €

Püsikliendile 35,14 €


Across the ten tracks, the band dances between convention and experimentation, taking forks and detours that amplify the rich imagery and emotion in Cave's soul-stirring narratives. It's the sound of a group emboldened by reunion and taking flight. There are moments that fondly recall the Bad Seeds' past, but they are fleeting and only serve to underpin the band's relentless and restless forward motion.

Produced by Cave and Warren Ellis and mixed by David Fridmann, Cave began writing the album on New Year's Day 2023. Sessions at Miraval in Provence and Soundtree in London saw the Bad Seeds add their unique alchemy, with additional appearances from Colin Greenwood (bass) and Luis Almau (nylon string guitar, acoustic guitar).

"Wild God... this record is not to be trifled with. When it hits, it hits. It lifts you up. It moves you. That's what I love about it." Nick Cave

Lugude nimekiri

  • 1. Song of the Lake
  • 2. Wild God
  • 3. Frogs
  • 4. Joy
  • 5. Final Rescue Attempt
  • 6. Conversion
  • 7. Cinnamon Horses
  • 8. Long Dark Night
  • 9. O Wow O Wow (How Wonderful She Is)
  • 10. As the Waters Cover the Sea

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