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Collected [2LP]

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Paul Carrack is known for his role in the bands Ace, Squeeze (replacing Jools Holland on piano) and Mike & The Mechanics (a side project of Mike Rutherford from Genesis). Alongside these collaborations, Carrack has built up a successful solo career.

The most important songs from his impressive career are gathered together on this Collected. Described by the BBC as "the man with the golden voice", Carrack sang some of the most important songs by bands such as Ace (How Long), Squeeze (Tempted), Mike + The Mechanics (The Living Years and the mega-hit Over My Shoulder, which is still a firm fixture on radio playlists today).

As a solo musician, he has recorded hits such as Don't Shed a Tear, When You Walk in the Room and Don't Dream It's Over. He has worked as a session and/or touring musician for the likes of Elton John, Eric Clapton, B. B. King and The Smiths.

Paul Carrack is best known as the songwriter of the band Ace, with the international hit "How Long" and dubbed "The Man with the Golden Voice" by the BBC.

In addition to his role in bands such as Squeeze (where he replaced Jools Holland on piano) and Mike & The Mechanics (a side project of Mike Rutherford of Genesis), where he worked with the likes of Eric Clapton, Roxy Music and Nick Lowe, Carrack has also had a successful solo career.

Paul Carrack "Collected" brings together songs and collaborations with artists such as Timothy B. Schmitt, Paul Young, Gare Du Nord, Don Henley and others. The 2LP is available on black vinyl and contains an insert.

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Plaat 1
1. How Long
2. Tempted
3. Don't Shed A Tear
4. The Living Years
5. Love Will Keep Us Alive
6. When You Walk In The Room
7. Over My Shoulder
8. When My Little Girl Is Smiling
9. Satisfy My Soul
10. Eyes Of Blue
11. The Way I'm Feeling Tonight
12. A Time And Place
13. Everybody Gets A Second Chance

Plaat 2
1. Dedicated
2. Silent Running
3. I Need You
4. I Live On A Battlefield
5. Now That You've Gone
6. I Don't Want To Hear Anymore
7. One Good Reason
8. Another Cup Of Coffee
9. Whenever I Stop
10. Don't Dream It's Over
11. Too Late
12. Ride On
13. Can't Find My Way Home
14. Beggar On A Beach Of Gold

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