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To All The Girls... [CD]

Tarneaeg: 5-20 tööpäeva

9,69 €

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Plaat 1
1. From Here to the Moon and Back (feat. Dolly Parton)
2. She Was No Good for Me (feat. Miranda Lambert)
3. It Won't Be Very Long (feat. The Secret Sisters)
4. Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends (feat. Rosanne Cash)
5. Far Away Places (feat. Sheryl Crow)
6. Bloody Mary Morning (feat. Wynonna Judd)
7. Always on My Mind (feat. Carrie Underwood)
8. Somewhere Between (feat. Loretta Lynn)
9. No Mas Amor (feat. Alison Krauss)
10. Back to Earth (feat. Melonie Cannon)
11. Grandma's Hands (feat. Mavis Staples)
12. Walkin' (feat. Norah Jones)
13. Till the End of the World (feat. Shelby Lynne)
14. Will You Remember Mine (feat. Lily Meola)
15. Dry Lightning (feat. Emmylou Harris)
16. Making Believe (feat. Brandi Carlile)
17. Have You Ever Seen the Rain (feat. Paula Nelson)
18. After the Fire Is Gone (feat. Tina Rose)

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