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Star Wars Stories (180g) [Limited Numbered Edition] [White, Translucent Blue & Black Marbled "Hyperspace" Vinyl] [2LP]

Tarneaeg: 10-20 tööpäeva

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"Star Wars Stories" is a collection of the most famous tunes and fan favorite songs from the current Star Wars universe, including "The Mandalorian, Solo: A Star Wars Story" and "Rogue One". This compilation features main themes, epic orchestral pieces and emotional songs that pay tribute to originals by John Williams, Ludwig Göransson, John Powell, Anthony Williams & Michael Giacchino. This project is a sequel to the 2019 release of "Music From The Star Wars Saga - the essential collection", a compilation of the music from the "Star Wars" films.

Lugude nimekiri

- Plaat 1 - 1. Main Theme 2. Grogu Theme 3. Luke Skywalker Hallway Theme 4. Boba Fett Theme 5. End Theme 6. Meet Han 7. Flying With Chewie 8. Reminiscence Therapy 9. The Adventures of Han - Plaat 2 - 1. Rogue One 2. Imperial Suite 3. Jedah City Ambush 4. Jyn Erso and Hope 5. Hope and End Credits

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